Attraction Rejected: Zbigniew Karkowski & Julien Ottavi

Attraction Rejected by Zbigniew Karbowski.

Attraction Rejected by Zbigniew Karkowski & Julien Ottavi.

“This is not a recording you can listen to as background music, it won’t let you speak or think, but if you let it, you may experience, perhaps not immediately a full on change in perspective of your everyday life. 8 years after these recordings were made, they are still valid as powerful compositions, made to be experienced on good speakers and are best through a large PA system. This musical material is meant to change your perspective in the making of and listening to music.”

Zbigniew Karkowski

The first track is a brief excerpt of an interview with Karkowski regarding music making and composition/improvisation, which then modulates into a brief excerpt from his music.

The other two tracks are recordings of live concerts from 2012 in Basel and Laussane, Switzerland, respectively.

I am not quite sure what to say about these two brutal slabs of mind altering harsh noise and can only imagine what it might have been like to be in attendance for their performances.

I can’t say that I enjoy them, exactly, but I do find they encourage a certain meditative mind set which enables me to switch my mind off from thoughts of the world.

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