Mandatory Reality

Mandatory Reality.

“Mandatory Reality” by Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society; Bandcamp Link: Mandatory Reality

It’s was a super shitty and stressful week at work. The sort of week where you feel like your job squeezes every last neuron so hard there are no spare thoughts left in your brain.

Listening to this album all week, on the way to and from work, has helped me get through it. It has a calm resolve that is comforting.

Beyond that, I can’t think of anything else particularly interesting or insightful to say about Mandatory Reality.

Coming up dry.

I recommend you listen and decide for yourself.

Maybe you’re having that sort of week, too.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory Reality”

  1. I guess I haven’t been listening to Joshua’s work recently – this is wonderful, and wonderfully paced. My hebetude is similarly revealed by seeing Hamid Drake’s name in the credits and thinking, “Huh. Tar, eh?”

    “Haven’t you heard Hamid live recently, you idiot?” a close friend remarked.

    I am chastened. and impressed. Finally, opening the post with something other than the album cover was an opportunity to realize that I’d skimmed right by the cover [which, sadly, is how I now recall recordings] already. Argh. Bless you for the corrective.

    1. Goodness! Hi Greg Taylor! It certainly has been a dog’s age since we heard from you! I had no idea you read the blog. Thank you for the kind words!

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