Daytona by Pusha T.

Number 18 in the wire magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 releases of 2018.

First, seven songs at around 3 minutes each, isn’t really an album. It’s maybe half an album, or as we used to call it back in the days of physical media, an EP or Extended Play recording.

The songs are occasionally catchy, among them, “Infared” is actually pretty good, especially the instrumental last 15 seconds or so. The beats, samples, and song environments are nothing super special, at least compared to most of the similar albums on the list so far. One song, “Come Back Baby” is almost half extended samples of a James Timothy Shaw, aka The Mighty Hannibal, song of the same name, which seems pretty lazy to me.

The lyrics are pretty much nothing but someone saying, over and over, “I am a shallow, status obsessed, asshole.”

So many products and brands are name checked, it got me wondering if there was some pay-to-play going on.

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