Insula by Proc Fiskal; Bandcamp Link: Insula

Number 14 in the wire magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 releases of 2018.

Proc Fiskal sorts through the sonic detritus of Scotland in the 21st Century to create a collage of this moment in time. Sounds from Anime, Video Games, Movies, street conversations in Edinburgh, you name it, it goes in the mix. And that part of the album is interesting.

Part of the point of this exercise, that is, listening to all 50 albums in last year’s wire magazine top 50 releases, is to hear music I wouldn’t normally hear.

As I understand it, Proc Fiskal is influenced by the music genre called “grime”, which I am not particularly familiar with. But, as I understand grime, it is/was a sort of atmospheric cross between trip hop, rap, and electronic dance music.

This album is supposed to stretch the boundaries of “grime” to nearly the breaking point.

However, the melodic component of the album shows an unfortunate obsession with quasi-Asian modes that has the reek of dilettante exoticism about it. A bit like the poorly aging “Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids” era Japan, or Ryuichi Sakamoto’s badly conceived album with Robin Scott, “Left Handed Dream”. One song with quasi-Asian modes would have been OK, from the Scottish musician, but to base a whole album around them, is just, after a while, kind of weird.

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