NTS Sessions 3

NTS Sessions 3, second half, by Autechre.

Label Link: NTS Sessions 1-4

Number 8 in the wire magazine (@thewiremagazine) Top 50 releases of 2018.

One nice thing about Autechre, is, while they can be abrasive, they never seem to lose their sense of humor. There’s always a light touch to their sound choices, whether it’s a squelchy synth or an amusing sample.

Thus, even 6 hours into this massive pile of abstract electronic music, it doesn’t really feel oppressive.

If anything, the second half of NTS Sessions 3 reminds me a bit of the goofy-abrasive work of the Moebius/Plank albums like Rastakraut Pasta and En Route. It has that loping, goofy feel to it.

A couple songs seem to utilize samples from acoustic guitars (flH) in this section and another seems to use a very badly out of tune or prepared piano (g1e1).

“nineFly” is a lumpy wah (sub) bass thing which squiggles along, surrounded by junkyard percussion. “icari” is a surprisingly moving and detailed soundscape piece. Other songs in this section briefly evoke David Lynch’s Eraserhead soundtrack, with its wind swept distortion, and others stumble along, lurching drunkenly from start to finish.

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