NTS Sessions 2

NTS Session 2 by Autechre, second half; Label Link: NTS Sessions 1-4.

Number 8 in the wire magazine Top 50 releases of 2018.

Along with esoterically, and possibly hilariously, named tracks like, “wetgelis casual interval”, most of the second half of NTS Sessions 2 is taken up by two longer pieces, “e0” and “9 chr0”.

“e0” luxuriates in quasi Asian melodies, electronic percussion, and what sound like Tubular Bells. The end effect is something like a parody of a Jean Michelle Jarre. Or maybe Autechre are serious. Who knows.

“9chr0” is the highlight of the NTS Sessions for me, so far.

First, because the rhythms indulged in are somewhat syncopated. One could almost say, “funky”. Or, at least, as funky as Autechre get.

Second, because the melodic component, such that there is one, is so blissfully and obscenely mangled. Some of the sounds are just massively distorted, that, if you are of a certain mind, you can’t help but cheer their audaciousness.

Finally, and perhaps most amusingly, with the melodic component on this track, Autechre actually use something like chord changes.

The sort of chord changes you would hear in a blues tune or rock anthem.

Yet, they, like the rhythms are so mangled, it’s like listening to blues which have been put in a blender.

I like to turn it up until the suspension shakes.

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