My Mother the Vent

My Mother the Vent by Guttersnipe; Bandcamp Link: My Mother the Vent

Ranked Number 4 in wire magazine’s “Releases of the Year”.

Raucus, raw, bracing, and unforgiving, obviously, I loved, “My Mother the Vent”.

It comes roaring out of the gate from the start and doesn’t lose a step until the end.

I have no idea how these kids, (and I can only assume they are kids with this energy level,) can possibly sustain this energy level for the duration of a concert. I felt a little tired just after listening to the pummeling beats, screaming yelps, and guitar abuse.

Remind me a bit of something that might have been on SkinGraft Records back in the 1990s, say a lost record from U.S. Maple or Lake of Dracula.

Anyway, it certainly got my blood pumping.

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My Mother the Vent