Temporary etc.

Temporary ETC
Temporary ETC

Temporary etc. by Booker Stardrum.
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Booker Stardrum is a percussionist.

This is a solo album by him.

Yet there aren’t really any drum solos.

There are a few guests on the tracks, including trumpeter Jaimie Branch, but they provide something more like “color” or “seasoning” to the flow of the tracks.

What it reminds me of, a bit, is David Van Tieghem’s album “These Things Happen” from the mid-1980s or some of Jon Hassell’s work.

Stardrum’s propulsive, and digitally bent, rhythms are the core, with the horn players floating long tones and occasional chords.

Makes for interesting contrasts and a fascinating album.

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Temporary ETC album
Temporary ETC album