2038 by Crazy Doberman.
Bandcamp Link: 2038

Crazy Doberman recently published a bit of an interview from a Slovenian magazine that really struck a chord with me.

“-How did the free jazz influences get into the music?”

“It’s not so much free jazz as it’s the acoustic instruments involved i.e. reeds and brass. There are not really solos and individual players peeping thru rotten mis, more of a downer group sound with as many details to flesh out the chapters as possible. More akin to hearing a conversation in three rooms over and not being sure of how many people are in the space. ‘Free Jazz’ has its own system, we are aware of this and try to be as contrary as possible.”

The first song on 2038, “in your time​-​as it was in ours”, is actually one of the more “Free Jazz”-ish pieces I’ve heard so far from Crazy Doberman, a bit of Albert Ayler IS peeping thru the rotten mist, along with some mild middle european ethnic influences.

The second song, “waste house”, however, is more akin to a long lost sauerkraut dream. Or a dream I had nodding off to the sound of the sauerkraut tub bubbling away in the pantry as my senile germanic nanny prepared pork chops and applesauce. Was that a dream?

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