The Drought

The Drought

The Drought by Puce Mary
Bandcamp Link: The Drought
I read a music magazine called “the wire“.

A Danish artist called “Puce Mary” has come up from time to time in their album reviews.

I classified her, mentally, in the area of performance-art/musician/poet types, but never really listened to her music.

I noticed she recently released a new album, “The Drought”, and I was in a bit of a funk, looking for something to add to my commute playlist this week.

According to her bandcamp site, “Puce Mary is the solo moniker of Danish experimental artist Frederikke Hoffmeier.”

The music is about what I expected, digital sonic landscapes of noise, feedback, and percussion.

Most of the album is instrumental, but there is a bit of declaimed prose/poetry. Most of it in the, hm, well, “Cronenbergian” vein.

“I would like to take off your skin and live inside your body,” that sort of thing.

So, perfect music for your Halloween party. That is, if you would like your party to actually be disturbing and a bit scary.

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