It’s After the End of the World

It’s After the End of the World by Sun Ra and His Intergalactic Research Arkestra

Sun Ra was a smart guy.

When he confronted the inhumanity man often visited upon man for various inconsequential reasons, (color of skin, birthplace, religious philosophy, etc.) he entertained different ideas over the course of his life about how one human being could possibly do these terrible things to other human beings.

One possibility he considered was that the world had already ended and we are living in the aftermath of that apocalypse, tortured by demons and visited by angels.

The longer I live, the more I am beginning to agree with this assessment.

Especially, since it seems like those who are convinced the world will end soon, are hell bent on destroying what is left of our tattered and bruised orb.

It’s After the End of the World is a selection of tunes recorded live at Donaueschingen and Berlin, Germany, in 1970. A more full version of these concerts is available on the 2CD release, “Black Myth/Out in Space”.

However, even the shorter version is wonderfully pungent and thought inducing. The second side, “Myth Versus Reality (The Myth-Science Approach) / Angelic Proclamation / Out in Space”, with its “out” synthesizer solo and group improvisations is particularly toe curling.

If things don’t work out on this planet, I’ll meet you on Saturn.

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