Ear of the Behearer

Ear of the Behearer

Ear of the Behearer by Dewey Redman.

Recorded in 1973, Dewey was a year or so out of Ornette Coleman’s Band at the time. This was his third overall album and first post-Ornette. it covers a lot of ground. From a ballad (“Imani”), to a free-ish relaxed blues (“Boody”), to exotica (“Image(In Disguise”)). The most clearly Ornette influenced songs are “Walls-Bridges” and “Seeds and Deeds”.

It’s funny, I started paying attention to brass players vocalizing while playing their instruments. Then I saw Peter Brötzmann and realized he was vocalizing through his woodwinds much of the time he is playing. Now I can’t stop noticing woodwind players, especially free players, who are vocalizing while playing woodwind instruments.

On many of the tunes here, you’ll catch Redman vocalizing in the edges between his woodwind notes. As if his sax playing is really just an extension of what he is singing in his mind.

Everyone is in great form here, but to me the really standout playing is from Sirone on bass and Eddie Moore on drums. Especially Sirone. Some of his solos and breaks are just mind blowing.

Also, just one of the all time great album titles for a free jazz record.

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