Four by Bad Luck.
Bandcamp Link: Four

A drums and saxophone duet, with added live electronics.

I really wanted to like this album.

And I do like it a lot, I like the Sax playing and I like the drumming, but the production of the album has some issues.

The mixing is super-treble-ey and the drums, and especially the cymbals, are overloud in the overall mix.

The electronic effects are cool, but they end up muddying the sound.

Using the electronic processing to multiply the saxophone leads ends up creating this wash of undifferentiated noise in the mids, which combined with the super-treble-ey recording and cymbals, makes the individual instruments difficult to hear, even when you turn up the volume.

It just sounds pretty awful, especially when you’re listening in the car, and even when you’re listening on headphones. There’s just no separation.

Being the My Bloody Valentine of improvised music sounds like a cool idea, but saxophones are not guitars, and what would be cool in shoe gaze or psychedelic guitar treatments needs some consideration when applied to an acoustic instrument.

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