K.O. by Miss Red.
Bandcamp Link: K.O.

This is Miss Red’s second album. Both albums have been produced in collaboration with Kevin Martin, aka The Bug.

I like Reggae and Dub Reggae, but I am not really up on the terminology of the modern derivatives thereof. I believe Miss Red is a sort of dancehall toaster. The vocabulary and subject matter is fairly typical of this sort of music, though, not, that I can tell, particularly vulgar or as sexually suggestive as some of it can be. Ahem, the video for the song “Dagga” IS pretty freaky.

The songs are short, 3-5 minutes, the sonic landscapes are very dense and full of echo and pan. The music is mostly percussive samples, there’s not a lot of pitched instruments going on beyond Miss Red’s voice.

I enjoyed the album a lot, but sort of felt like the tunes ended just as they were getting going and the environments are starting to stretch into themselves. Probably better to see live.

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