Angel Dusk

Angel Dusk by Tim Berne and Matt Mitchell.
Bandcamp Link: Angel Dusk

Last year Mitchell released a solo piano recording of Tim Berne pieces, FØRAGE.

This year, Berne and Mitchell have collaborated on a duo album. (They also play together in Berne’s Snakeoil ensemble.) I feel a bit like the FØRAGE album’s sensibilities have melted a bit into this duo album. Berne slows down (a bit) and his playing is less angular. Heck, the songs “Chance” and “Snail’s Pace” could almost be accused of lyricism.

I like pretty much everything Berne and Mitchell do, so it’s tough to recommend one thing over another.

But, to hear two players who are this familiar with each other do pretty much what they want for 40 minutes… Well, just listening to the unadorned interplay between the two of them makes this a “must buy” album for me.

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