Bellowing Sun

Bellowing Sun by Mind Over Mirrors.

This might be my current favorite non-Improv album. I was a little dubious about the keyboards and synths initially, but everything ties together so nicely that I cannot disagree with the choice.

Reminds me a bit of Harmonia, Cluster, or Popol Vuh, with its trance inducing rhythms and quirky sounds, though the violins and vocals place it firmly somewhere else in the Americas. Great headphone music. I might listen to it all week.

I was looking for the plant above, fairly certain that it is an Aloe. Turns out it is. Aloe polyphylla, or Spiral Aloe. “The species is highly sought after as an ornamental but is difficult to cultivate and usually soon dies if removed from its natural habitat. In South Africa, it is a criminal offence to remove plants or seed of Aloe polyphylla from their natural habitat or to buy plants from roadside vendors.” Oddly, it seems to do quite well in the not very fastidiously kept gardens of the San Francisco VA Medical Center.

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