Hormone Lemonade

Hormone Lemonade by Cavern of Anti-Matter.

I was reading about Tim Gane and his Wikipedia page says that before he played in McCarthy and Stereolab he was playing “harsh noise”. Cavern of Anti-Matter, Gane’s most recent project, is a long way from “Harsh Noise”! Similar to Wrangler, Caverns of Anti-Matter is a project based around vintage electronic musical instruments. Analogue Synths, Sequencers, Drum Machines. 
Instrumental tracks which, if you weren’t paying attention, might be mistaken for Wendy Carlos’ or Giorgio Moroder’s 1980’s soundtrack work.

Like Wrangler, how you feel about Cavern of Anti-Matter will depend largely on how nostalgic you are for this sort of sonic palette.

I find it OK, but wish there was a little more “noise” amidst the synth squiggles, bland arpeggios, and tinny drums.

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