2017-07-12 Tachys


A Little Milky Way of Sound Disk 10, Tachys, by Roland Kayn.

Tachys might be the quietest of the disks so far. Several times, as I was driving, I had to turn it up and check if the album was still playing.

Quiet, humming fields of sound, occasionally interrupted by louder sonic events.

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2017-06-12 Qyrials

Qyrials I; Qyrials II

A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound, Disk Nine: Qyrials I; Qyrials II, by Roland Kayn.

Just a reminder, our tyrant in a teapot would like nothing more than to have most of the Federal Government shut down, permanently.

As long as it doesn’t affect segments of the military, Dept of Homeland Security, ICE, or incoming tax revenue, he, and his brain trust, (Mulvaney, Bannon, Ryan, etc.) would prefer that the government gets a lot smaller. Preferably pretty much nonexistent.

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2017-05-12 Radox


A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound, Disk Eight: Radox, by Roland Kayn.

Marking the half-way point through the Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound.

Kayn called his music as “Cybernetic Music”. “Cybernetics is a transdisciplinary approach for exploring regulatory systems—their structures, constraints, and possibilities. Norbert Wiener defined cybernetics in 1948 as ‘the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.’” Kayne’s music is almost post-human. One could imagine these music systems, put in motion, continuing on after their creator, or creators is long gone.

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2017-04-12 Ractil; Zearid

Ractil; Zearid

A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound, Disk Seven: Ractil; Zearid, by Roland Kayn.

Continuing my daily Kayn.

Ractil and Zearid have a bit more harmonic content than many of the pieces so far. Sounding a bit like a steam powered calliope, on the deck of a starliner, as the ship tilts into the event horizon of a black hole.

#TodaysCommuteSoundtrack #RolandKayn #ALittleElectronicMilkyWayOfSound #FrozenReeds

2017-12-01 Aseral


A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound, Disk Six: Aseral by Roland Kayn.

I was reading an article (Monumental late piece by composer Roland Kayn set for debut release) in The Wire Magazine, which talked to Kayne’s daughter Ilse about his work. ‘“He would always explain it with throwing stones in the water,” she says. “You get those circles… it’s about the crossings.”’ Another water metaphor, and an apt one.

Discrete events creating intersecting systems which go on to transform one another as they decay.

#TodaysCommuteSoundtrack #RolandKayn #ALittleElectronicMilkyWayOfSound #FrozenReeds