2017-12-12 Icursim


A Little Milky Way of Sound Day 15, Icursim, by Roland Kayn.

13 hours in, and I can’t say I feel any more confident in detecting an organizing principle or finding motifs in, “A Little Milky Way of Sound,” than I was on day one.

There is definitely a sonic palette that Kayn uses and reuses with varying tweaks applied. The shimmering fields of static sound. The streaming, whooshing, noises like pressurized air or water.

It is interesting how the lack of definable or typical “musical sounds” affects your listening. The slightest nearly recognizable sample, whether it is a creaking door or a processed voice, stands out, calling attention to itself.

Of course, it’s always possible, that those sounds are just my mind attempting to make sense of the boiling sonic chaos.

In any case, Icursim is more menacing, than threatening, with louder than usual percussive events at intervals among the other sounds.

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