2017-10-19 Black Origami

Black Origami

Black Origami by Jlin.

Bandcamp Link: Black Origami
Jlin is on the cover of one of the most recent wire magazine, so I thought I should listen. I haven’t yet read the article, so my knowledge is slim.

This is, essentially, a percussion album. There are a few vocal samples here and there, but primarily it is rhythmic theme and variation.

Each track uses it’s own little world of samples, giving it good variety and interest. One, for example, uses samples from marching bands, while another might use African or Asian percussion.

The rhythms are varied and syncopated. Tracks seldom settle into a groove for long before evolving or changing.

Very interesting!

If I had to put it anywhere, I would say it reminds me quite a bit of the band Yellow and a little bit of Eno and Byrne’s “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts”. 

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