2017-10-10 Unfold


Unfold by The Necks.

Bandcamp link: Unfold

The Necks are an Australian trio, generally Keyboards, Percussion, and Bass, whose performances and albums are based on ideas of Improvisation. That is, whatever happens at a performance is not planned in advance, it is just what happens. Their technique is more based around the idioms of pop and classical, rather than “Jazz” or “Free Jazz”. If, indeed, they do have precursors in the Jazz world, it is player/composers like Bill Evans and Chick Corea.

A while ago, I went through an impulsive phase, based on information from wire magazine, where I bought pretty much every early The Necks album, and listened through them.

After thus fortifying myself, I came to the conclusion that, while I can appreciate The Necks for their technique and aesthetic, I don’t find them particularly interesting.

I thought I should revisit these conclusions after reading Geoff Dyer’s piece on the band in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, in which he alleges that they are, “The Greatest Trio on Earth”. Nope, as much as I can appreciate them intellectually, their music still doesn’t do much for me.

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