147b – O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair

Please turn your hymnals to number 147 (Second Tune) and join the clarinets in, “O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair”.

Number: 147 (Second Tune)
First Line: O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair
Meter: L.M.
Tempo: In moderate time
Music: Scottish Hymn Melody
Text: Latin Hymn, XV cent.
Tr. John Mason Neale, 1818-66 a.

Clarinet Arrangement: 147b-OWondrousTypeOVisionFair

“Cameronian Midnight Hymn” is probably the best name for a hymn ever.

However, “Carmeronians” were another cult, like the Hauges.

From the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Definition of Cameronian
One that holds the ecclesiastical and political doctrines of Richard Cameron and his followers who refused to recognize any civil government that did not explicitly admit that it derived its power from Jesus Christ, who were called Scottish Covenanters after 1680, and who later formed the Reformed Presbytery that in time became the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Which, I guess, IS interesting, since the 45th President of the United States self-identifies himself as, “Presbyterian”.

Anyway, it is a pleasant, and somewhat Martial hymn, whose folk roots are quite apparent.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal