146a – In Heaven Above

Please turn to number 146 (First Tune) and join with the clarinets in, “In Heaven Above”.

Number: 146 (First Tune)
First Line: In Heaven Above
Meter: 8 6, 8 6, 8 8 6.
Tempo: Majestically
Music: Swedish Koralbok, 1697
Text: Laurentius Laurentii Laurinus, 1573-1655
Revised Johan Astrom, 1767-1844
Tr. William Maccall, 1812-88

Clarinet Arrangement: 146a-InHeavenAbove

I thought, for sure, with a name like “Laurentius laurentii Laurinus” there would be something about this guy. But this is it. He was a Swedish Rector, Dean, and poet.

In any case, it is a nice hymn!

Short Name: Laurentius Laurentii Laurinus
Full Name: Laurinus, Laurentius Laurentii, 1573-1655
Birth Year: 1573
Death Year: 1655
Laurinus became a principal in Söderköping, Sweden, in 1603, and in 1609, a rector in Haradshammar in Linköping diocese, Östergötland, later a dean. But he was known as a poet in the Swedish, German and Latin languages.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal