145 – The Saints of God

Please turn your hymnals to number 145 and join with the clarinets in, “The Saints of God”.

Number: 145
First Line: The Saints of God
Meter: 8 8, 8 8, 8 8.
Tempo: Smoothly
Music: Berndt Mikael Nyberg, 1871-1940
Text: William Dalrymple Maclagan, 1826-1910

Clarinet Arrangement: 145-TheSaintsOfGod

A pleasantly minor, and old-fashioned hymn, especially considering its relative youth.

Especially unusual, for a Lutheran Hymn, in that it is 5/4, an “uneven” meter more common in folk music. On the other hand, not all that surprising considering the following information about the composer. (The following was translated from the Finnish language wikipedia.)

Berndt Mikael Nyberg ( February 7,1871Helsinki – January 11,1940Äänekoski ) [1] was a Finnish composer and poet who composed especially spiritual music.

Already in his studies, Nyberg collected folk tales from Southwest and Central Finland. He composed, in particular, spiritual solo and choir songs, school and children’s songs, singers and beggars in the choir book of the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church . [2] The current hymnbook contains Nyberg’s hymn number 631, Oi Lord, if I travel a country . He has also written a script 342, so wonderful is the praise, the original Swedish-language words, spoken by Alpo Noponen in Finnish. In addition, Nyberg has translated some other, original Swedish-language hymns [3] Nyberg published in 1890 a collection of spiritual folk tales ( The People’s Gift to the Church ) together with Ilmari Krohn.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal