Please turn to number 104 and join with the clarinets in “Praise the Savior, Now and Ever”.

Number: 104
First Line: Praise the Savior, Now and Ever
Meter: 8 7, 8 7, 8 7.
Tempo: Triumphantly
Music: Swedish Koralbook, 1697
Text: Swedish Hymn based on Venantius Fortunatus, 530-609
Tr. Hymnal Version, 1955

Clarinet Arrangement: 104-PraiseTheSaviorNowAndEver

Lately, I’ve been doing the first sketching out of these hymns on Bass Clarinet, just to get more practice with the instrument. I kind of liked the way this one turned out as a rough sketch, played very quickly, so I went with it.

Would be tough to sing along.

The “improvisation” at the end was more a reflection of my current mood than anything else.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal