Please turn to number 103 and join with the clarinets in “Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound”.

Number: 103
First Line: Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound
Meter: 8 8, 4 4, 8 8, 4 4. With Alleluias.
Tempo: In unison; boldly
Music: Geistliche Kichengesange, Cologne, 1623
Text: Paul Zeller Strodach, 1876-1947

Clarinet Arrangement: 103-NowLetTheVaultOfHeavenResound

Regarding Paul Zeller Strodach:

A grad­u­ate of Muhl­en­burg Coll­ege, Al­len­town, Penn­syl­van­ia (BA 1896, MA 1899), and the Lu­ther­an The­o­lo­gic­al Sem­in­a­ry, Mt. Ai­ry, Phil­a­del­phia (1899), Stro­dach was pas­tor of the Evan­gel­ic­al Lu­ther­an Church of the Sav­iour, Tren­ton, New Jer­sey (1899-1901); Trin­i­ty Lu­ther­an Church, Can­ton, Ohio (1907-1911); Grace Church, Rox­bo­rough, Penn­syl­van­ia (1912-21); and Ho­ly Trin­i­ty Church, Nor­ris­town, Penn­syl­van­ia (1921-6). He then worked as li­ter­a­ry ed­it­or for the Unit­ed Lu­ther­an Church Pub­li­ca­tion House, Phil­a­del­phia, for two de­cades. He trans­lat­ed the 1523 Lu­ther­an Or­der of Bap­tism from Ger­man to Eng­lish, and wrote A Man­u­al on the Li­tur­gy, which be­came the stand­ard li­tur­gi­cal ref­er­ence in his tra­di­tion. He al­so served on the com­miss­ion for the 1958 Lu­ther­an Ser­vice Book and Hymn­al.

Hey! The 1958 version of the Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal is exactly the book I am working from!

Anyway, this is another great hymn which I am pleased to record.

Regarding the tune:

LASST UNS ERFREUEN derives its opening line and several other melodic ideas from GENEVAN 68 (68). The tune was first published with the Easter text “Lasst uns erfreuen herzlich sehr” in the Jesuit hymnal Ausserlesene Catlwlische Geistliche Kirchengesänge (Cologne, 1623). LASST UNS ERFREUEN appeared in later hymnals with variations in the “alleluia” phrases.

The setting is by Ralph Vaughan Williams (PHH 316); first published in The English Hymnal (1906), it has become the most popular version of LASST UNS ERFREUEN. In that hymnal the tune was set to Athelstan Riley’s “Ye watchers and ye holy ones” (thus it is sometimes known as VIGILES ET SANCTI).

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal