Please turn to number 64 and join with the clarinets in “In The Cross of Christ”.

Number: 64 (First Tune)
First Line: In the Cross of Christ
METER: 8 7, 8 7.
Tempo: Broadly
Music: Ithamar Conkey, 1815-1867
Text: John Bowring, 1792-1872

Number: 64 (Second Tune)
First Line: In the Cross of Christ
Meter: 8 7, 8 7.
Tempo: In moderate time
Music: John Stainer, 1840-1901
Text: John Bowring, 1792-1872

Another really short hymn, though this time the different versions are in different keys and different meters.

This time I opted to play the First Tune, then the Second Tune, and finally return to the First Tune.

First Tune Clarinet Arrangement:064a-inthecrossofchrist

Second Tune Clarinet Arrangement:064b-inthecrossofchrist

Frankly, the lyrics to this one are kind of surreal and science fiction-esque.

“Towering o’er the wrecks of time,” could be from Dr Who or Alfred Bester.

In the Cross of Christ I glory,
Towering o’er the wrecks of time;
All the light of sacred story
Gathers round its head sublime.

When the woes of life o’er-take me,
Hopes deceive and fears annoy,
Never shall the Cross forsake me;
Lo! It glows with peace and joy.

When the sun of bliss is beaming
Light and love upon my way,
From the Cross the radiance streaming
Adds more lustre to the day.

Band and blessing, pain and pleasure,
By the cross are sanctified;
Peace is there that knows no measure,
Joys that through all time abide.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal