Please turn to number 34 and join with the clarinets in, “The Holy Son of God Most High”.

Meter: L.M.
Tempo: Slowly, with dignity
Music: Geistliche Lieder, Leipzig, 1539
Harm. J.S. Bach, 1685-1750
Text: Henry More, 1614-87

I still don’t quite get these J.S. Bach arrangements. I have to fight with myself to even get them to this state. I really wish I had a choir director giving me some direction on dynamics and tempo.

Clarinet Arrangement: 034.TheHolySonOfGodMostHigh

There are these single notes at the end of lines, which I find I have a tendency to hit too hard instead of letting the phrase taper off.

Well, as I like to maintain, hymns are made for the common people, they are not supposed to be perfect. You just have to try.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal