Please turn your hymnals to number 26 and join with the clarinets in, “All My Heart This Night Rejoices”.

Name: Warum Sollt Ich
Meter: 8, 3 3, 6. D.
Tempo: Briskly
Music: Johann Georg Ebeling, 1637-76
Text: Paul Gerhardt, 1607-76
Tr. Catherine Winkworth, 1829-78

I feel like I was unfamiliar with this Christmas hymn, but it is actually really nice.

All my heart this night rejoices,
As I hear, far and near,
Sweetest angel voices;
‘Christ is born,’ their choirs are singing,
Till the air everywhere,
Now with joy is ringing.

Hark! A voice from yonder manger,
Soft and sweet, doth entreat,
‘Flee from woe and danger;
Brethern, come; from all that grieves you
You are freed; all you need
I will surely give you.’

Come then, let us hasten yonder;
Here let all, great and small,
Kneel in awe and wonder,
Love him who with love is yearning
Hail the star that from far
Bright with hope is burning.

Here’s the arrangement for 4 clarinets: 26.ServiceBookAndHymnal

The first time I got to playing this, it was really late in the evening. Somehow I ended up playing it through very quickly and was experimenting with a certain attack on the notes. Turned out kind of cool, even though it wasn’t what I was thinking for the actual hymn.

After experimenting with that track for a couple days, I went back and redid it more traditionally.

I dunno, I like both.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal