Please turn your hymnals to number 20 (first tune) and join with the clarinets in singing, “From East to West”.

Meter: Plainsong, Mode III
Tempo: Unison
Arr. by E. T. Cook in the BBC Hymn Book
Text: Coelius Sedulius, Cir. 450
Tr. John Ellerton, 1826-93

It’s weird, the older the Hymn, the more work it is and the weirder the harmonies. This one ends on what is, more or less, a minor chord.

Here’s the pdf of my arrangement: 020.ServiceBookAndHymnal

Anyway, I worked on this last night for several hours and I’m still not entirely happy with my performance of the melody. I think I failed to get myself into the proper headspace for the performance of “Plainsong, Mode III”.

I tracked the melody five times and placed it across the stereo landscape. Then I played all three accompaniment parts on Soprano Clarinet. Finally doubled the Tenor and Bass parts on Bass Clarinet. Added the Audacity “Large Room” Reverb Effect.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal