Please turn your hymnals to number 15 and join with the clarinets in singing, “Joy To The World!”.

Antioch, C.M.
In moderate time
Melody arr. by Lowell Mason, 1792-1872
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748

Here’s the pdf of the clarinet arrangement: 015.ServiceBookAndHymnal

I would assume most people, with even the most passing aquaintance with the Christian religion would be familiar with “Joy to the World!”, the most famous of the Advent hymns.

It is pretty short, so I played it 3 times, boldly the first time, quietly the second, and joyously the third.

This concludes the “Advent” section of the Hymnal. On to “Christmas” hymns next!

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal