Please turn your hymnals to hymn 14, “Rejoice, All Ye Believers,” and join along with the Bass Clarinet quartet.

7 6, 7 6. D.
Swedish Folk Melody
Luarentius Laurenti, 1660-1722
Tr. Sarah Borthwick Findlater, 1823-1907

PDF of the arrangement:014.ServiceBookAndHymnal

This is an AABA form, with the exact same notes in 3 of the 4 lines.

The Alto, Tenor, and Bass parts were not very exciting, so I thought I would either play it really slow or really fast.

I took the Hymn at 120, which is quite a bit faster than the usual 80 or 90, I use for hymns. Definitely has a bit of a folk music feel.

After playing through the melody a couple times, I played it even faster and some rhythmic improvisation on the bass line let me to an upbeat Sonny Rollins kind of and some rhythms that are a little beyond my ability to write out exactly. And maybe accurately execute accurately. Still kind of fun to take some liberties with the hymns.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal