Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal Hymn number 10, aka “The King Shall Come” arranged for Soprano and Bass Clarinets.

In moderate time
Richard Farrant, cir. 1530-80
John Brownlie, 1859-1925
Based on the Greek
From Hymns of the Russian Church by permission of the Oxford University Press

Regarding the information above, I believe the first line is the identifier of the hymn. The second line indicates the meter of the text, in the case CM or Common Meter. The third line is the tempo and feeling. The fourth line is the composer of the music. The fifth line is the author of the text.

This is certainly another stately hymn and based on the lifetime of the composer, 1530-80, probably the oldest tune to date.

Here is the pdf of the clarinet arrangement: 010.ServiceBookAndHymnal

Since it is such an old tune, I figured a few more voices would be appropriate, so I recorded each part 3 times. After recording, I panned the voices to sequential areas in the stereo mix and applied the Reverb Effect with the “Church Hall” settings.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal