Hymn No 5 from the Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal, aka “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”, arranged for Soprano and Bass Clarinets.

8 7 8 7. D.
With Dignity
Origin Uncertain
Charles Wesley, 1707-88

Here’s the pdf of the arrangment: 005.ServiceBookAndHymnal

Starting to get the hang of the recording software, Audacity, not to mention the arranging software, MuseScore.

I’m trying to get it to sound more like a Clarinet Choir, so this time I recorded 4 versions of each part and then mixed those down to a single track. The Bass Bass Clarinet part is on the far left, Tenor Bass Clarinet part in the middle left, Alto Soprano Clarinet part middle right, and Soprano Soprano clarinet part on the far right. After doing that for all 4 parts, a 16 clarinet choir, I added a final Soprano clarinet part of the Soprano part down the middle, ending up with a total of 17 clarinet tracks.

I did accidentally mix the click track into the Bass clarinet part while I was trying to figure out the whole “mix down” thing. Next time I’ll leave that out.

Finally, I used Audacity to a little Reverb, using the “Large Room” preset.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal