Final Protracted Spillings(Vol.?)

Final Protracted Spillings(Vol.?) by Kevin Drumm.
Bandcamp Link: Final Protracted Spillings(Vol.?)
Final Protracted Spillings(Vol.?) is two tracks. On the Track A, Drumm is in what I call Sound Field Mode. A very slow build leads to static fields of shimmering sound, which occasionally intersect. There are some pretty cool subsonics, if you’re paying attention, but mostly it is peaceful music.

Track B is a bit more eventful. It almost sounds like it involves a pipe organ, or samples thereof. A bit spooky, with more dissonant interaction between the pitched sounds.

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Acceptance by the Mat Maneri Quintet.

Mat Maneri, Viola; John Dirac, Guitar; Randy Peterson, Drums; Ed Schuller, Bass; Gary Valente, Trombone; (and his dad, Joe Maneri, Alto Sax on one track). A mix of standards and originals, this is a fun record. It is more “Jazz” than many of the Maneri family’s records, especially with the contributions of Gary Valente and Randy Peterson.

I especially enjoy the loose limbed drumming of Randy Peterson. Wasn’t familiar with him prior to listening to this release, but his kit drumming reminds me a bit of Hamid Drake, with more emphasis on cymbal work.

We visited Sonoma Valley Regional Park the other weekend. You can still see whole hillsides with trees blackened by fire, but the grasses and the wildflowers are already coming back. Miraculous, in nature’s way.

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Out Right Now

Out Right Now by Joe Maneri, Joe Morris, and Mat Maneri.

The father/son duo of Joe Maneri (woodwinds, voice) and Mat Maneri (violin) is joined by Joe Morris (electric guitar) on this live date of solos, duos, and trios from 1995.

Woodwind player Joe Maneri is a fascinating and idiosyncratic character. Early in his life he played Sax and Clarinet in Greek and Turkish and wedding bands. Later, he grew fascinated by the modern composers of the time, people like Schoenberg and Alban Berg. He is known for attempting to coax the notes between the notes in his clarinet and Saxophone playing.

His son, Mat, also experiments with microtonal playing and usually plays something that sounds between modern classical and jazz musics.

I really enjoy Joe Morris’ guitar. He is a music educator and something of an undersung modern improvising guitarist. On this date he sticks to a very dry tone, no discernible effects going on. He reminds me a bit in his strategies on this release of Derek Bailey. A lot of plucked sounds and more textural playing than melodic.

There is very little of jazz idioms in the playing on this release. It sounds more like improvised modern classical music. I really enjoy how the musicians don’t crowd each other’s ideas and give each other room to work out their ideas. Leave space for the music to breath.

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Kudu by Anteloper.
Bandcamp Link: Kudu

Anteloper is a duo of Jaimie Breezy Branch, (Trumpet, electronics,) and Jason Nazary, (Percussion, electronics). Bandcamp named it “Album of the Day” last Wednesday, saying, “…it is an apt soundtrack to our currently crumbling world”. Ms Branch is further quoted, saying, about her more Jazz-ish album Fly or Die, “It may be a stupid fucking world we’re living in right now, but it still needs a soundtrack.” First off, unlike Fly or Die, this album doesn’t traffic much in Jazz idioms. 
I saw Branch in a duo with Ben LaMar-Gay last year in Chicago, a pretty abstract set, nearly industrial. I was prepared for Anteloper to be similarly abstract, but it really isn’t. It has moments of abstraction, but the core of the music and rhythms are fairly accessible. Closer to the Drum, Trumpet, and Effects duo/trio Spaceheads than anything else I can think of. I will say it is apt that this album’s release date was, ahem, April 20th, aka 4/20.

If Ms Branch and Mr Nazary are the soundtrack to our fucked up present, well, at least we have something rocking to listen to, while the world goes down in flames around us.

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Exta by John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, and John Tilbury.
Bandcamp Link: Exta

I’m not quite sure how to describe this album, nor am I sure how to explain why I like it so much.

John Butcher plays saxophones, Thomas Lehn plays synthesizers, and John Tilbury plays piano.

John Tilbury is probably most well known as part of the influential British Improvising group, AMM. In AMM, Tilbury, and his compatriots Lou Gare, Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe, and others (including composer Cornelius Cardew), charted a path for improvisation that moved far from the Jazz based fire music of the New York scene and towards something else entirely. 
Like AMM, Butcher, Lehn, and Tilbury use of silence, extended instrumental technique, and musical expressions to create sounds and sonic environments that are not traditionally associated with Jazz.

Exta often sounds more similar to 20th Century music, say Xenakis or Stockhausen, than Jazz. But it is more organic. There can be menace and agitation here, yet it moves from tension to stillness and back.

Often I am not quite sure initially which instrument is making a sound. The Sax and Synthesizer intertwine especially intriguingly, with the piano providing percussive and often bell-like counterpoint.

On Exta, Butcher, Lehn, and Tilbury have created their own sonic world and invited you to get lost in it.

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Angel Dusk

Angel Dusk by Tim Berne and Matt Mitchell.
Bandcamp Link: Angel Dusk

Last year Mitchell released a solo piano recording of Tim Berne pieces, FØRAGE.

This year, Berne and Mitchell have collaborated on a duo album. (They also play together in Berne’s Snakeoil ensemble.) I feel a bit like the FØRAGE album’s sensibilities have melted a bit into this duo album. Berne slows down (a bit) and his playing is less angular. Heck, the songs “Chance” and “Snail’s Pace” could almost be accused of lyricism.

I like pretty much everything Berne and Mitchell do, so it’s tough to recommend one thing over another.

But, to hear two players who are this familiar with each other do pretty much what they want for 40 minutes… Well, just listening to the unadorned interplay between the two of them makes this a “must buy” album for me.

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Your Queen is a Reptile

Your Queen is a Reptile by Sons of Kemet
Label Page: Impulse Records

Sons of Kemet are young Jazz players from London. The core of the group is Shabaka Hutchings on Sax, Theon Cross on Tuba, Tom Skinner on Drums, and Seb Rochford on Drums. This album also incluedes guest players like drummer Moses Boyd and Saxophonist Nubya Garcia. And, it features poetry/rap on 3 of the 9 songs.

While the title of the album is, “Your Queen is a Reptile”, the individual tracks are variously named after strong, influential women of African heritage. For example, “My Queen is Harriet Tubman”, was the lead single, and “My Queen is Angela Davis”, is another song.

The album functions on a lot of levels. First off, it is a pleasure to listen to. The music is occasionally raucous, but never excessively or uncomfortably. The players, first and foremost create a groove and a feel. Then layer on solos and rhythmic embellishment, and, in the case of some of the tracks on the album, poetry.

An album you can put on and just enjoy without thinking too much, or an album you can dig in to and think about, or an album you can dance to. It’s all of those things. Pretty neat trick.

As an aside, this is Sons of Kemet’s first album for the major Jazz label Impulse! And I hope it isn’t the last of this sort of experimentation for Impulse!

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Noth by Zs.
Band Website: Zs

Another band who is making a move towards embracing the modern sensibilities of releasing albums is Zs.

They have partnered with a shop and record label to release limited edition albums (unlimited digital, thank goodness!) of music they would probably otherwise not release.

Zs is a long running band currently comprised of Patrick Higgins on Guitar, Greg Fox on Drums, Sam Hillmer on Sax, and Michael Behare on Electronics.

Noth is the album of this configuration of players and it is pretty great.

Their last album, proper, was Xe, which was very critically acclaimed, but while good, but I found the digital effects they were running the guitar through overwhelmed the playing a bit. This new album, with a Sax player and someone taking charge of electronics feels a bit looser and less processed. I think part of it is the sax increasing the sonic palette away from guitar.

In any case, it swings pretty freely.

If you get a chance, check it out and support artists working outside of the normal framework of major label record releases.

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27 Passports

27 Passports by The Ex.
Bandcamp Link: 27 Passports

One of the advantages to dating (and marrying) someone who has even more music than you do, (and knows more about it,) is, you can often ride on their coat tails.

For example, I read about The Ex, thought I should listen to their music, and all I had to do to hear their music was go home and listen to all the Ex albums Mrs Flannestad had previously bought!

So I did, and discovered one of my favorite bands!

Kind of like having your own personal Spotify. With built in (accurate!) Metadata.

27 Passports is the new album from Dutch band The Ex. It contains many great songs on various subjects. From a song about the homogenization of culture in the post-global age, (Soon All Cities, @michelektel’s favorite,) to a song about the tradgedy of the Afro-European refugee crisis, (New Blank Document, maybe my favorite, ) to a plea for more renewable resource use, uh, I think, (The Sitting Chins,) to the Tulip Bubble of the 1600s and its modern descendent, the Tulip industry, (Four Billion Tulip Bulbs). The Ex prove, I think, anything can be the subject of a song, if the music is strong enough.

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Starebaby by Dan Weiss.

Before listening to this, I had read that Weiss and his compatriots were examining the edge between Jazz and Heavy Metal.

Indeed, this is pretty heavy.

But, not exactly “Metal”. Or, if it is Metal, it is very eclectic Metal.

In any case, many of the tracks remind me more of King Crimson than anything else. I guess, another band that explored the edges of Prog, Metal, and Jazz.

Trevor Dunn and Dan Weiss, Bass and Drums, are often channeling what sounds like Discipline era Crimson. While Ben Monder is a bit more eclectic. I’m going to say, more early years Robert Fripp, than later. Plus, two keyboardists, Matt Mitchell and Craig Taborn. Though, their keyboarding is fairly sparse. No banks of lush chords.

But it isn’t particularly “Jazz”. Very little of what I consider Jazz idioms or Forms show up. The odd fusion chord change is about it for the Jazz content on this release.

If you enjoy, say, Nels Cline Singers, or the aforementioned King Crimson, you will probably enjoy this.

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