148 – Stars of the Morning

Please turn your hymnals to number 148 and join with the clarinets in, “Stars of the Morning”.

Number: 148
First Line: Stars of the Morning
Meter: 10 10, 10 10.
Tempo: In moderate time
Music: Henry Smart, 1813-79
Text: St. Joseph the Hymnographer, 883
Tr. John Mason Neale, 1818-66

This is the Final Hymn of the Church year, celebrating “St. Michael and All the Angels”.

It is also the final hymn of this phase of the “Lutheran Hymnal Project”.

I hope you have enjoyed, or been reminded of some feeling or thought.

Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright,
Filled with celestial resplendence and light,
These that, where night never followeth day,
Raise the ‘Thrice Holy, Lord!’ ever and aye:

These are thy minions, these dost thou own,
Lord God of Sabbaoth, nearest thy throne;
These are thy messengers, these dost thou send,
Help of the helpless ones, man to defend.

Still let them succor us; still let them fight,
Lord of angelic hosts, battling for right,
Till, where their anthems they ceaselessly pour,
We with the angels may bow and adore. Amen.

And as a bit of an indication of what is to come, here is some fun I had with Stars of The Morning and a real time audio processing called AudioMulch.

Red Service Book and Hymnal
Red Service Book and Hymnal

2017-08-01 Sunrise in Different Dimensions

Sunrise in Different Dimensions by Sun Ra Arkestra.

Tune in to Disco Roto on Radio Valencia tonight at 8pm. Mrs. Flannestad will be featuring Sun Ra and the Arkestra in anticipation of the Arkestra’s upcoming concerts this week at SF Jazz. (Or listen to the podcast later at: Disco Roto Travels the Spaceways.)

One of my favorite Arkestra albums, mostly because even though it is on the late side in his career, Mr. Ra sticks primarily to the piano. Great to hear him tickling the ivories, rather than squelching the buttons on an organ or farfisa.

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